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Passport & Visa Services

Our passport and visa services

Travelling to new destinations for business can be daunting, especially when a business visa is required. By booking through ACE Travel, our experienced consultants will check the passport and visa requirements of your destination and advise you if business visa services are necessary.

The process of applying for a business visa is often complicated and, at times, laborious – which is why we are always on-hand to assist. Our dedicated visa partner CIBTvisas has over 50 years’ experience arranging passport and visa requirements for corporate travel and can ensure the booking of your business trip is seamless and delivered without undue delay.

Your business travellers can benefit from each of ACE’s passport and visa services, helping you to get travel-ready in 4 simple steps:

1. Application

2. Review

3. Submission

4. Acceptance

High-quality, trusted visa services for a smoother journey

Our preferred visa provider CIBTvisas will offer invaluable advice on specific visa requirements during each stage of your application. They have access to detailed passport and visa information for an array of worldwide destinations. We liaise with CIBTvisas to compile your application pack and thanks to our partnership you can take advantage of discounted rates offered exclusively to ACE Travel clients.

For more information you can visit their online portal or if you’d prefer you can contact one of our ACE Travel consultants.

Visa Services

  • Guided entry service
  • Visa pre-check
  • Digital photo service
  • Visa concierge
  • Document preparation
  • Visa scans
  • Australian ETA
  • Lost or stolen passport
  • Russian invitations
  • Saudi Arabia registrations
  • Priority submission
  • Business cover letter

CIBTvisas and ACE Travel are uniquely positioned to assess the passport and visa requirements to enter a destination. We’ll lead you through the complex visa issuance process and assist in arranging any required documentation so you can get where you need to be. We understand that in the world of business, you rarely have a moment to spare, let alone enough time to sift through the passport and visa information required to submit an application. ACE Travel, in tandem with CIBTvisas, will assist with your entire Visa application, offering one-on-one advice and consultations providing you with the expertise necessary to ensure it is approved.

If you have completed your application, but can’t afford for it to be rejected, our team of expert consultants are on hand to review your submission before it’s sent away. CIBTvisas’ knowledgeable visa services team will check each document and ensure that your application is accurate, correct and fully completed, so you get it right the first time.

Document review

Thanks to ACE Travel’s and CIBTvisas’ breadth of knowledge when it comes to passport and visa information, we can take full control of assembling your documentation. Compiling the necessary documents, forms and supporting evidence, a dedicated specialist will assist with completion of your online application form.

Consulates and Embassies require personalised letters that demand significant prep, sophisticated jargon and detailed information about the traveller to complete. CIBTvisas’ Digital Business Cover Letter, powered by proprietary software, produces this complicated letter with the exact information mandated by the consulate.

Simply enter the details of your planned business trip and the innovative tool will generate a fully bespoke letter in the correct format, ready for approval. Should you need to travel on short notice and therefore require your documents to have a quick turnaround time, you can file for your request to be treated with the highest priority. We will then in conjunction with CIBTvisas’ expert team of consultants endeavour to ensure your application will be submitted and subsequently accepted as quickly as possible.

What’s more as Britain has completed its transition out of the European Union, UK nationals will also have to re-evaluate how they travel around the continent. Thankfully ACE are here to help, we have access to a comprehensive and cost-effective tool that organisations can use to check if their employees require a work permit.

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Passport services

The Digital Photo Passport Service is an excellent and incredibly easy way to deliver a digital photo for your visa application. Simply upload your photo and our experts will ensure that it meets the guidelines for your application before printing and submitting it to the embassy.

Travellers should always have access to an electronic copy of their passport in case it is lost, stolen or damaged. Visa Scan securely archives an electronic copy of your visa. Request Visa Scan from your ACE Travel consultant when completing your application and we will store a scanned copy of your visa upon issuance from the consulate.

If anything changes with your passport and visa requirements, you will be kept informed every step of the way. We’ll provide regular personalised updates letting you know at which stage your application has progressed to.

Speak to one of our dedicated professionals today to discuss your visa and passport requirements!