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Lounge Pass Agent Login Through ACE Travel

Get Lounge Pass Sorted in Seconds

Use our bespoke online lounge pass portal to book your VIP experience in seconds. As a leader within business travel management, and the exclusive UK franchise of the ATG group, we have access to affordable passes for your needs. So whether you're a solo business traveller or booking on behalf of a larger organisation, our lounge pass agent login has everything you need to get started.

Simply follow the link below to see which business lounge passes are available at your destinations, and book your slot!

What is Lounge Pass for business travel?

Lounge pass is an online booking service which allows you to reserve tickets for airport lounges across the world. So if you’re travelling for long stretches, or simply need a break from the hustle and bustle of the airport, you can secure a place in a quieter, more relaxed environment. Lounge Pass members get VIP access to their own dedicated areas in airports, usually with bars, cafes and eateries – allowing them to relax before a long flight, during a transfer or simply to get some work done.

With ACE Travel, you can have a number of exclusive, affordable rates, making Lounge Pass more accessible than ever.

What airports have Lounge Pass?

Most if not all large international airports have VIP lounges for travellers to make use of. Often they are intrinsically linked to whichever airline you’re flying with. For example, you might find a BA lounge or an Emirates Airlines lounge which is exclusively for those customers.

If you want to check that your destination airport has Lounge Pass access, simply use the tool above to see what’s available. In just a few short seconds, you’ll be able to check airports for every leg of your journey and secure cheap bookings quickly.

How do you buy Lounge Pass?

With our Lounge Pass agent login, you can select your destination and pay all in one place! Payment is instant and you’ll get a notification with a digital copy of your pass for greater peace of mind.

If you have specific queries about payment or how costs impact your business travel policy, you can get in touch with the ACE Travel team.

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