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ACE Travel Management - Hotels

Corporate Hotel Bookings for All Business Travel

Making corporate hotel bookings is one of the most important parts of planning for business travel. Not only do you want a location that is central to your requirements – or at least within a reasonable distance – you also want a hotel that works within your desired budget. Equally, you need to make a business hotel booking that is going to properly cater to the needs of your traveller, ensuring that your duty of care to them is maintained!

At ACE Travel Management, we take this stress out of organising where your travellers will be staying during their time away from the office. Whether it is a one-night corporate hotel booking before an important meeting or a 2-week apartment stay, we save time and money by arranging everything for you.

Exclusive Room Rates

We have access to cheap rates from over 29,000 hotels worldwide.

Global Hotel Connections

Through our partners at ATG we can facilitate additional hotel services to suit your needs.

24/7, 365 Day Support

Our corporate hotel booking experts are available 24/7 through an emergency helpline.

Super-Fast Booking & Confirmation

We prioritise speed and excellent customer service, ensuring you get the booking you want, quickly.

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What is a corporate hotel booking?

When approaching your travel management company (TMC) to make a corporate hotel booking – or a business hotel booking – you’re specifically asking for corporate hotel rates. In the world of business travel, these are specially negotiated, discounted rates that have been agreed between an organisation and a hotel, or hotel chain. When you make a corporate hotel booking with ACE Travel Management, you inherit our corporate rates, which allows us to pass on cost savings to your business. We work with thousands of hotels and accommodations worldwide, as part of a global business travel community, in order to give you exceptional prices as standard.

Finding business hotel booking rates

By using a dedicated TMC you don’t have to worry about finding the best business hotel booking rates – we do it all for you. Using a combination of years of experience, industry connections, and state-of-the-art booking software, we are able to find the right accommodation solution for your travel, at the right price.

First-class corporate hotel booking that works for you

When conducting business travel in a new destination, choosing where to make a corporate hotel booking can be tough. That’s why our experienced travel consultants are available to find the best possible choice for your individual preferences, desired location and budget. We have access to over 29,000 hotels worldwide, ensuring we can secure specially negotiated rates, often including free value-added extras, such as high-speed Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast.

For longer business hotel bookings we are able to source a variety of apartments and other self-cater accommodations – providing your traveller a comfortable home away from home. At ACE Travel, when you make a corporate hotel booking, we recognise and value your loyalty. Unlike hotel bookings made online, when you use our bespoke services, your chosen hotel will know exactly where the bookings have been made and travellers will be able to collect their loyalty points and rewards easily.

If your preference is for travellers to have a fully pre-paid room, we have a large selection of bed banks to compare, ensuring you get the best value for money without cutting on quality. Unlike corporate hotel bookings made through purely online competitors, we have a unique, established relationship with the bed banks we use, guaranteeing a better travel experience for your business travellers. Each or our pre-paid booking partners have principal status or provide us with an insurance-backed indemnity which gives you added protection and peace of mind.

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Corporate hotel bookings with care

At ACE Travel, we are committed upholding the 3 Cs of business travel: care, climate and cost. When making a business hotel booking with us, we will always present options that prioritise these pillars, whilst still allowing you to make savings on travel.

Where possible, we recommend hotels and accommodation that have clear sustainability initiatives attached. Not only does it help to lower the global carbon output of the business travel sector, it can also help your business to meet its own sustainability goals. For more information on sustainability within business travel, speak to one of our experts. Or, alternatively, read our in-depth sustainability guides for the top business travel destinations worldwide.

We also take the safety and comfort of our clients very seriously. That’s why we’re partnered with Global Secure Accreditation, the independent global standard for hotel security, to ensure that all of our corporate hotel bookings are made safer. We conform to ISO 31030, which means we take all necessary steps to mitigate risk in business travel bookings, with thorough evaluations and risk management strategies.

Our experienced travel consultants will ensure that all business hotel bookings comply with your company travel policy. Any deviations will be picked up and queried before any reservations are confirmed. All corporate hotel bookings made through us are automatically part of our cost control, budget and management reporting service. And if you ever need assistance while you are away, our 24-hour emergency helpline, staffed by experienced travel professionals, is there to help.

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