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Montgomery County

Joe Ravi

Montgomery County Travel Guide

Although it's technically in Maryland, Montgomery County is located within the sprawling Washington DC metro area. Chic and trendy, Montgomery County's population is among the wealthiest and most educated in the US.

There are several large cities worth visiting in Montgomery County. The most popular is Bethesda, a lively town with plenty of restaurants and bars, and an active music and arts community. Silver Spring is just as trendy, with a newly-revitalised downtown area.

Friendship Heights and Kensington have many upscale boutiques and antiques shops between them, and some quirky Victorian mansions. Kensington boasts a spectacular Christmas lights display each December, set around the interesting-looking Kensington Mormon Temple.

Rockville is a quieter suburb with a historic town centre, offering historic attractions like F. Scott Fitzgerald's grave set among many outlet malls. Wheaton is even more unremarkable from a sightseeing standpoint, but contains many excellent cheap restaurants ranging from Thai to Honduran cuisine.

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