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COVID Travel Map for UK & International Travel

Check Restrictions with our Interactive COVID Travel Map

Whilst coronavirus lockdown rules are easing across the UK, in line with the Government's roadmap, it is still unclear when full-scale international travel will resume. That said, many countries across the world are decreasing restrictions and allowing travellers in – meaing that the return of full-scale business travel management might not be too far away.

The government’s advice remains to avoid everything but non-essential travel. However, with some airlines welcoming customers back on limited routes, new air bridges being implemented, and COVID travel passports being introduced, it appears that travel could return in some form. And when that does happen, you'll want to be has prepared as possible, so you can travel with complete confidence.

Use our live, interactive COVID travel map below to see which countries are open for business and which are enforcing stricter lockdown measures, so you know what’s required before you travel.

ACE Travel Management are professional consultants for all things business travel. If you'd like more information on local or international lockdowns and how they might impact your travel plans, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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