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ACE Travel Management - Business Car Hire

Business Car Hire

Business car hire is often the element of business travel management that is either forgotten or left to the last minute – but if it goes awry it can also be the single biggest inconvenience for travellers. Whether your delegates require a one way journey to an airport, a temporary replacement for their vehicle or a car ready to drive in a foreign city ACE’s business trip rentals services offer a cost-effective and straightforward solution for our clients.

We offer a range of exclusive, bespoke services to ensure you get the right business car hire for your needs. We work with you to ensure comfort, care and sustainability are all taken into account when booking a business trip rental, ensuring we always uphold your business standards and your people feel catered for when they travel. Our business car hire experts are also adept at finding partners and vehicles that work within your budget requirements, so you can account for every aspect of the business trip.

Bespoke business car hire selection

Specially negotiated corporate car hire rates

Covered by ACE’s cost control reporting service

24/7 support from knowledgeable travel experts

Meeting your business car hire requirements

At ACE Travel we pride ourselves on selecting the right business car hire for you – guaranteeing that your travellers get a vehicle that suits their needs. We’ll liaise with you to determine which of our business trip rentals best fit your organisation; whether it’s a larger SUV designed for comfortable longer journeys, a small city car for getting about quickly or a hybrid model to help reduce carbon output. We can source a range of vehicles for your business car hire, working with partners from across the globe to get you where you need to be!

Thanks to our 30 years experience within the corporate travel sector we know how to get things done quickly. So if your plans change and you need a car to be hired immediately, or need to substitute your vehicle at the last minute, you can be assured we’ll handle it – no matter what country you’re visiting.

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A personalise service for business trip rentals

Our industry expertise allows us to make computerised reservations with all major business car hire companies in an instant. Additionally, we’ll ensure you save money every step of the way, as we are able to negotiate exclusive business car hire rates for all of our clients. So you can get the car you want for less.

A 24-hour emergency helpline is staffed by our team of business travel and car hire experts, who will always be on hand to help should the worst happen. Any business trip rentals booked via ACE are automatically covered by our cost control, budget and management reporting service – so you can rest assured that your business is protected.

For many corporate travellers, securing a quality rental car is essential. A business car hire allows you to visit multiple locations without having to rely on local public transport and also offers freedom when you’re not conducting business.

Despite its importance to many trips, business car hire is often left to the last minute – and in some cases, after a delegate has arrived in a country! At ACE Travel, we make car hire an integral part of our business travel management package, and want to make the process of business trip rentals as simple as possible. Thanks to our connection with the ATG Global Travel group, we are on-hand to offer a range of solutions and advice to make your car hire experience as seamless as possible.

But we know that booking the car hire is only part of the process. Once your traveller is on the ground, they may still have a lot to do and know to ensure the business car hiring process is smooth.

Here are some key considerations they can follow when it comes to business car hire:

Before we book your business trip rental

  • Check that their driver's license is valid
  • Ensure they have the correct permits for driving in the destination
  • Research special driver requirements in the destination (i.e. in France, you must carry a breathalyser in your car)

Collecting the business car hire

  • Find out what the company’s policy is on refuelling the car
  • Note any scratches or marks on the car – take pictures if necessary
  • Gather details for who to contact in case of an emergency

Returning a business car rental

  • Check where the car can be returned – there may be multiple locations!
  • Make sure they return the car on time or they may face additional charges
  • Take pictures of the fuel, mileage, and any damage in case of a claim


If your organisation or individual travellers would like more tips on how to do business car hire right, be sure to check out our in-depth guide:


Download our car hire guide

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