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Business Travel Insurance

At ACE Travel Management we know that business travel is very different from your standard vacation. It requires more planning, more dedication, and, very often, the stakes are a lot more important. So why should you expect your business travel insurance to be pedestrian when your trip is anything but?

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When planning and executing a corporate trip, you need a business travel insurance policy that works for your organisation and your individuals – covering you against the worst that can happen and giving your travellers the confidence they need to get the job done. We understand that getting maximum protection at a great price is fundamental to making business trip travel insurance work. It ensures that your business is covered against every eventuality and your travel budgets are kept in check. And now, more than ever, getting business travel insurance with COVID cover is paramount!

In partnership with Campbell Irvine, we offer high-quality, accredited business travel insurance with COVID cover – for maximum peace of mind during uncertain times. This means that you can continue to conduct business safe in the knowledge that you have a dedicated, trusted insurer covering you should the worst happen.

Our business travel insurance COVID-19 cover is designed to protect against cancellation so long as you are formally diagnosed with an illness that, on medical grounds, prevents travel and is supported by a medical certificate from your GP. All necessary medical emergency and associated expenses will be covered if you are diagnosed with coronavirus whilst travelling overseas.


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Travelling Against FCO Travel Advice

Whilst premium business travel insurance with COVID cover will allow you to travel freely – restrictions permitting – there are several considerations that you need to be aware of Firstly, our business trip travel insurance does not supersede FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) advice against travelling for single persons. This means that if a destination is considered too high-risk by the UK Government, your business travel insurance will not cover you in case of coronavirus infection. However, we do offer policies, in collaboration with Campbell Irvine, that do cover you against FCO travel advice. These are quoted on a case-by-case basis, looking at the risk of infection in each destination, the potential risks to a traveller, the length of stay, and other factors. Business travel insurance with COVID cover can provide broader protection against FCO advice in addition to providing coverage for additional expenses incurred when employees need to travel due to coronavirus incidents. For more information on our bespoke offering, be sure to speak to our business travel insurance experts or read our guide!


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About Campbell Irvine Business Travel Insurance

Our trusted business travel insurance partner, Campbell Irvine Ltd, has been providing personalised insurance policies to organisations for over 40 years. They have a range of retail products which are sold by travel agents, tour operators, insurance brokers and affinity groups for solo travellers and larger organisations. 

They continue to arrange specific schemes for large travel agents and tour operators using their relationship with major insurance companies – ensuring that every organisation can get affordable and comprehensive business travel insurance for every situation.

ACE Travel Management has partnered with Campbell Irvine to help our customers travel with confidence – offering quality business travel insurance COVID-19 cover for those that need it. Our years’ of business travel management experience, mixed with Campbell Irvine’s excellent packages, can help protect your business and your people while you travel.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

At ACE,  we understand that travelling with medical conditions is often difficult – and it’s more important than ever that you get protection if you do decide to travel! The majority of business travel insurance policies on offer through our partner excludes cover for specific medical conditions that exist before the policy is purchased – defined as Pre-existing Medical Conditions. For this reason, Campbell Irvine offer an optional Medical Screening Helpline service for those wishing to establish if additional cover can be provided for any known medical condition.

If you need to check your pre-existing medical conditions before purchasing business travel insurance with COVID cover, be sure to read Campbell Irvine’s information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for business travel insurance with COVID cover?

Our travel insurance policy through Campbell Irvine Ltd is available for any person who resides in the UK or countries within the EU (excluding Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Montenegro, and Ukraine). For annual multi-trip policies, you must permanently reside in the UK or countries within the EU (excluding Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Montenegro, and Ukraine) for the entire 12 month period of the policy. This specific policy is designed for individuals, rather than a whole organisation’s business travellers. So if you’re a business looking to cover multiple travellers, you will need to purchase multiple policies to ensure maximum protection!

How to get a business travel insurance policy?

If you’re looking to purchase travel insurance for your organisation/traveller, simply click on the link above. This will take you to the Campbell Irvine website where you’ll be able to get an instant quote for your business travel insurance policy. This service is provided by Campbell Irvine in association with ACE Travel Management, so you will always be able to speak to our experts should you have questions or concerns about your policy.

How much is business travel insurance?

Each travel insurance policy price is tailored to the needs of the traveller, so there’s no one size fits all pricing! This will largely depend on the type of travel (single trip, multi-trip etc), the destination, and the length of stay. Campbell Irvine provides a full breakdown of costs for your organisation so you can purchase a policy with confidence.

Is business travel insurance a legal requirement?

Simply put: no. You are not legally required to purchase business trip travel insurance. However, it may be a requirement of your business travel policy, so in order to stay compliant, you should always consult the policy and make an appropriate purchase. 
Despite not being a legal requirement, ACE Travel highly recommends that you always equip your travellers with cover – ensuring that they are protected wherever they are in the world. For more information about the importance of travel insurance, speak to a member of our team. 

Does business travel insurance come with COVID cover?

In the main, COVID-19 related claims are not covered by standard business travel insurance companies, and Campbell Irvine’s tailored schemes will not provide cover against FCO advice. For complete business travel insurance with COVID cover, you will need to purchase a dedicated travel policy to ensure maximum protection for your organisation and its travellers.