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Marine Travel Made Simple

After nearly 30 years in the business travel sector, we have now expanded our offering to include specialist marine travel management services. So, whether you are a commercial shipping company, run a cruise line business or manage an offshore oil rig crew, ACE Travel is here to facilitate every aspect of your maritime travel requirements.

24/7, 365-day support from our experts

Advanced tracking technology for traveller safety

Cost-effective marine and offshore travel fares

Expert maritime travel management and advice

What is a marine travel service?

Marine travel is a service that enables ship crews, marine technicians, oil rig engineers and other maritime team members to get from offshore locations to land and vice versa.

Our comprehensive and effective maritime travel service will cover every aspect of a seafarer’s journey, including:   

    ? Facilitation of re-routing or last-minute changes and cancellations 

     ? Journey planning 

     ? Facilitation of re-routing or last-minute changes and cancellations 

     ? Assistance with passport and visa requirements 

     ? Flight and accommodation bookings 

     ? Car hire and other shuttle service reservations 

     ? Traveller tracking technology to ensure traveller well-being 

     ? 24/7 access to travel updates and advice 

    With all of this off your hands, you’re able to recoup valuable time and focus on growing your maritime business instead.

    What’s more, with a marine ticket you get a host of additional benefits not available with standard airfares. For example, maritime fares often allow you to take extra hold luggage (sometimes even up to 40kg) and there is flexibility for you to carry specialised equipment as part of your baggage. You’re also covered in case your ship is delayed coming into port – with marine fares, your onward travel can be re-arranged at no extra cost.

How do you benefit from using a maritime travel agency?

Working with a team of professional maritime travel agents saves you time and effort when moving your crew from ship to home and back again. They can effectively manage your entire travel programme and remove any excess burden from your daily workload.

But not all travel management companies (TMCs) are made equal. And when getting your workforce safely from A to B is often a matter of urgency, you want to be sure you have the best team of professionals by your side.

That’s where ACE Travel Management comes in.

ACE Marine Travel Services

Traveller safety

We understand how important it is to keep your crew safe. So, we have developed a suite of digital tools that enable us to track and monitor your travellers. With this technology, you can ensure their well-being and safety at every point of the journey.

24/7 dedicated support

We are here for you whenever you need us, even when you’re offline. Whether it’s providing travel updates, last-minute planning or complete time-zone coverage, ACE makes your travel planning a piece of cake.

Bespoke planning and booking

Each business is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and then create a tailored travel programme to help you meet your company goals.

Cost-effective travel planning

Our robust and extensive network of travel partners enables us to access exclusive offshore and marine travel fares on your behalf. So, you get the best rates on the market to bring down your overall travel costs.

Extensive offshore travel experience

With our team of experts on your side, you get specialist marine travel expertise, valuable industry insights and complete peace of mind, knowing your travellers are in great hands.

All marine sectors covered

We work for businesses in a range of maritime sectors including:

  • Commercial
  • Offshore energy
  • Naval industry
  • Cruise liners and ferries
  • Yachting

Why choose ACE?

At ACE, we take pride in delivering industry-leading expertise and advanced technology with a personal service. With this combined approach, we can provide you with flexible travel management that works for your organisation, however big or small it may be.

To ensure we consistently provide you with a premium service, we are led by our three guiding principles. We call them The Three Cs of Business Travel Management:

Whether you have an upcoming journey to plan or want to find out more about ACE Travel, we can help. Contact us today and our team of marine travel specialists will be happy to answer your questions.